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Ways to Recover from Home Water Damage

It’s hard to think of anything as disruptive as a flood. A flood that’s the result of natural causes is dangerous and destructive to life and property, but manmade floods—such as those resulting from burst pipes—can be just as bad. If your home has recently become damaged due to a flood, the recovery of your home depends entirely on the speed and effectiveness of your actions. Here are some steps you can take to restore your home after it’s experienced water damage in Alpharetta.

Turn Off the Power

If there’s still standing water, then there’s the risk of electrocution until you turn off your home’s power. If you can shut down the power without having to stand in the water, do so immediately. If not, call an electrician.

Document the Damage

After shutting off the power, start documenting the value of everything that’s been affected, taking pictures throughout the process. You’ll want to have as much information as you can about what’s been damaged, so you can begin to estimate the objects’ value. The best way to ensure your property is protected and that your home’s cleanup is as thorough as possible is by calling experts in water damage restoration. If that’s the route you decide to go, this is the stage in the process when you should make the call.

Begin the Cleanup

Before proceeding, you’ll want to wear protective gear, such as a face mask and rubber gloves and boots, before reentering your home. Remove as many valuables as you can from the water. Any rugs, furniture, or personal effects that you can clear from the area needs to be removed as quickly as you can to prevent further damage. If something is so damaged it can’t be saved, go ahead and throw it away.

Dry the Area

Even after the water is removed, the potential for water damage remains. Open all windows and doors around the affected area and utilize all portable fans you have so that you can dry as best you can. Time is of the essence. The longer things remain wet, the more potential there is for lasting damage. Floorboards and drywall, for instance, may not be salvageable if they’re not dried right away. This is one of the reasons it’s so valuable to have the services of experts in water damage cleanup. Professionals have access to equipment, such as high-powered fans and vacuum cleaners, that enable them to dry everything far more quickly than you could.

Look for Mold

Flooding can do more than damage your home and possessions. It can result in a genuine health hazard. Mold can form after a flood, aggravating allergies and causing reactions from those suffering from respiratory illnesses such as emphysema and asthma. Therefore, it’s imperative that you thoroughly remove all moisture from the scene. Even a small amount of water leftover can result in the formation of mold, which is why it’s highly recommended you hire a professional restoration company.

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