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What Are Potential Causes of Water Damage?

AWater dripping out of faucet” width=”300″ height=”200″>Water damage can be intense and expensive to repair. Water can permeate even the strongest furniture and building materials in your home, softening, weakening, and inviting dangerous mold onto various surfaces.

A water restoration company can perform the next necessary steps: water remediation, removal, mold removal, and repair. It’s important for homeowners to know the causes and sources of indoor water damage. These are the top reasons why water restoration companies are called to intervene in homes.


One of the most obvious and devastating causes of water damage, wet weather conditions, can cause water to leak through your roof, windows, and doorways. It doesn’t always take a flood for this to happen, either. Even light rain can enter homes and cause water damage if your home is poorly sealed.


Clogged sinks, toilets, tubs, and shower drains can leave standing water in your appliances. But if uncontrolled, clogs can cause appliances to overflow with water, spilling dirty water on your kitchen and bathroom floors. If the sewer line backs up–a frequent consequence of untreated clogs–toxic sewage can spread in your home.

Washing Machine

Washing machine supply lines use intense pressure to quickly fill up a multi-gallon tank with water. But old rubber or PVC piping can wear out and leak water. This can turn your laundry room into a flooded mess. Make sure your washing machine uses braided stainless steel lines.

Air Conditioner

If an air conditioner freezes up due to malfunctioning of components like the condenser, the air conditioner may start to build up frozen moisture. This water can flow down into the drain pan under the appliance. But if the drainpipe is also frozen or otherwise blocked, or if tremendous amounts of moisture start to collect, water can overflow from a drain pan and start to leak into its surroundings. This can spell trouble if you have an indoor air conditioning unit, especially on a second story.

A Water Heater

Similar to an air conditioner, if your water heater starts to leak moisture, this can spell trouble, especially because water heaters tend to be located indoors. A faulty outlet, leak in the bottom of the tank, or damaged drain valve can cause water to flood a basement very quickly.

Garbage Disposal

Many people think that the garbage disposal can handle just about any food residue and moisture you throw at it, but in reality, it’s a common cause of kitchen water damage. As the body of the disposal machine wears down, its bottom housing will leak food residue and dirty water into kitchen cabinets. The trouble with water is that it spreads, so an occasional leak that goes unnoticed can quickly take over all of your lower cabinetry.

Frozen Pipes

It’s important to winterize your pipes–checking them for cracks and leaks, draining exterior pipes, and insulating exposed plumbing. Failure to do so can cause pipes to freeze, as well as fixtures like fire sprinklers and faucets. When water freezes it expands, and can exert tremendous pressure on plumbing to the point that it cracks. When the ice melts, it will leak water in interior walls, basements, and more. Water damage restoration companies will need to check every nook and cranny for possible water damage.

Now that you know the top causes of water damage, here’s who you should call in the event that you need water restoration in Alpharetta: Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC. We offer 24-hour water damage repair, so we’re available when you need us the most. Call us at 770-966-9987 the second you notice wet materials, musty odors, wet floors, and other signs of water damage.