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What to Expect from a Water Damaged Home

Has your home taken on water because of a plumbing leak, a sewage or drain line backup, or busted washing machine hose? No matter what caused the water damage, it’s important to work with the best water damage restoration companies in Lagrangeto get your house back in order.

Many people don’t know what to expect from a water-damaged home and try to fix the problem themselves. Drying out a flooded home without professional help is never a good idea because water is invasive and hides in places you don’t think to look. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when your home has water damage and how professional water damage restoration fixes the problem.

Water Damage Affects Many Parts of the Home

When your home is flooded, the first thing you notice is all the water on the floor. The first mistake people make is thinking they only need to remove the water and let the flooring dry out. However, the water may have gotten behind baseboards and drywall. If you had a water pipe burst in your second-floor bathroom, there could also be water that seeps under the bathroom flooring. You might not realize this is a problem until one day you notice water stains on the ceiling from the floor below. 

Water damage restoration companies know all the hiding places. They have the knowledge and the equipment to locate and remove any remaining moisture. You need the expertise of these professionals because it’s important to get a thorough assessment of all the water damage in your home. These companies will outline where the water damage has occurred and set up a plan for drying out all affected spaces. 

What to Do Before the Water Restoration Company Arrives

Although you shouldn’t try any do-it-yourself methods for removing water, there are some steps you can take to secure the area before professional help arrives. First, secure the area; uou don’t want kids or pets near the water. Depending on what caused the flooding, there could be wastewater with bacteria, and you don’t want anyone to get sick. If you have to walk through the water damaged area, wear shoes and if your feet get wet, clean and dry them as soon as possible.  If you must handle the wet materials, wear latex or nitryl gloves (kitchen gloves are fine if that is all you have).

If you have a good idea what caused the issue, make arrangements to call a plumber or other professional to fix the problem after the area has been professionally dried. Water damage restoration is just part of the process after a water event. When the flooding was caused by damaged plumbing or poor grading, you need to fix these problems to prevent another incident. 

Paying for Water Damage Restoration Services

A common question homeowners have about their water-damaged homes is whether insurance will cover the cost of cleanup and repair. Many people call their insurance company first without knowing the extent of the damage. It’s better to call the restoration company first and have them do a complete inspection, evaluation, and mitigation estimate. Then, when the professional is at your home, call your insurance. If the insurance company has questions, the professional is available to answer those questions on the spot. 

Dealing with a water-damaged home isn’t fun. When you work with professionals in the area who know how to handle these situations, the process goes much smoother. For professional water damage services in Lagrange, call Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC at (770) 966-9987 for 24-hour service.