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The Importance of Water Extraction and Professional Drying

Many people think that only carpet needs to be saved when they have a flood and experience water damage. In reality, the carpet may be the least of your worries.

After water damage, we are primarily concerned about mold growth. Buildings that get wet and are not properly and professionally dried are likely to host mold and face other serious contamination concerns that can threaten the health of occupants, lead to very costly remediation and repairs, or significantly reduce property values.

Our Water Damage Restoration Methods

We use the principles of extraction, air movement, and dehumidification, along with advanced moisture detection equipment, to ensure that structures are dry and returned to a healthful state.

We handle projects of any size and any type of water damage in Marietta, and Metro Atlanta: from clean water to raw sewage and from the smallest unfinished basement to a 40-story building.

Is Your Water Damage Covered by Insurance?

If you recently encountered water damage and you think may be covered by your insurance policy, here are the recommended steps you should take:

If you catch the problem early, your estimate may well be under your deductible or the cause of loss may be one that your agent can quickly confirm would not be covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies (such as rising ground water) and save you from having that unneeded claim on your record. There is no charge for an estimate or evaluation of your water damage. Give us a call anytime. Our Marietta and water damage restoration, extraction, and removal services are available 24 hours because we know that this type of damage occurs when you least expect it.

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