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Great Company and Service

We had a fairly minor refrigerator leak but water did wet a small amount of carpet and got into about 25 sq ft of hardwood floor. The floor looked fine but I knew that you don’t want to mess around with water damage. So using Kudzu I called Integrity Restoration. Shannon Allred came out the same day. He verified with the moisture meter that we did have some wet floors and confirmed the small area. Of course I had all kinds of questions. When and if to get insurance involved? Can the floors be saved since they looked good? After doing some research about water insurance claims I decided to save a claim for something bigger. Shannon was very informative and gave me the pros and cons as I made the decision. They removed about 30 sq ft of dry wall ceiling in the garage and then use a sophisticated drying system for the hardwood floors. They used targeted dehumidifiers from below in the garage and above with plastic tenting on the floor. They removed some carpet padding and the subfloor dried very quickly in the bedroom. The good news is that after a few days of using the drying machines the hardwood floors dried out nicely. They gave me one quote for the mitigation and stuck to it even if more needed to be done. Very impressed with Shannon and the company. Have peace of mind that we did the right thing.