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Ms. B Fitzgerald

First I want to thank you for your GREAT customer service. You were just a gentleman. You are a good representation for the company (Integrity) that you are employed with. I did not feel uneasy with you working in my home. I appreciate you for your patience with me. I have several serious health issues and have some concerns about the mold that had developed. You were always about business; you were very patient in explaining anything that I had questions about. As you could tell I was kind of uneasy with you leaving, I am sure the other guys will be fine.

Integrity is very fortunate to have you as an employee. Any mother would be proud to have you as their son. Continue to do well and take care of your family. God Bless and cover you.

Ms. B Fitzgerald

Integrity Restoration & Remodeling, LLC, Fire & Smoke & Water Clean Up, Acworth, GA