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Sir – I thought I would take a just a moment to mention a short story regarding your staff. My experience with your company has been fantastic from the initial phone call. The first crew that arrived did son on schedule and proceeded to evaluate the damage – and take on the big job of removing old wet smelly carpet – moving furniture, etc. This was a large finished basement that was damaged due to a water heater.

A few days later I came down to inspect what had been done when I noticed on the shelf of one of the bookshelves that had been removed from the well, a small expensive diamond bracelet, one that I had misplaced many months ago and had pretty much accepted that it was history.

These guys obviously found this downstairs amid all the mess and picked it up and placed it on the bookshelf. They never mentioned that they had found this at all.

I guess you see where this story is going. These men could have very easily put this in their pocket and no one would have been the wiser, yet they very honestly placed this on the shelf. I didn’t have the opportunity to thank them in person, however, that single act sealed my decision to use your company for the repairs.

It’s nice to know that honest people still exist in our society.

Thank you so very much.

Integrity Restoration & Remodeling, LLC, Fire & Smoke & Water Clean Up, Acworth, GA