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They Saved the Day (and the Ice Cream!)

As the manager of a small independent ice cream parlor, I have experienced very little do with maintenance or repairs of any kind, and most of my professional training deals with food safety and basic bookkeeping, so when our shop flooded from a broken toilet, I did not know what to do. Fortunately, a customer who happened to be there at the time told me to call Integrity, and they came right out and cleaned up the mess. They understood that we were an operating commercial businesses and they took steps to keep us open and to keep our customers safe during the process. They were able to do the most immediately necessary work right away, get us back open in a couple of hours, then come in at the end of the business day and finish what they needed to do. It was very impressive, and although I would not refer to the service as cheap, it made the owner happy because we were only closed for a couple of hours and we never lost any revenue, which just made me look good! I only took the time to write this review since I live in an apartment and I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to use this company again (I hope I don’t!) or refer them, so other than the free ice cream cones we gave the technicians I just wanted to do something nice for them in return. Thanks Integrity.