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Customer Testimonials


Sometimes you need opinions from previous clients before you hire a company you are unfamiliar with. We are happy to provide some testimonials for you to use to make an educated decision. We serve commercial and residential clients throughout the Atlanta area and we would love for you to join our network.

Was lost in the EFFORT Google put me through

Was lost in the EFFORT Google put me through. Didn’t like any of my passwords, etc., etc. ad infinitum. You will just have to tell your boss about your wonderfulness and that of Shane, Jay, Bryan, Cristal and Lisa. I am THROUGH.

Your usually peaceful client, Jeanne Mcpherson

A company that actually lives up to the name!

“I can’t say enough great things about this company!
I hired another water removal company to take care of a leak from a refrigerator water line that caused lots of damage to my home. They did an awful job. To the point they cross contiminated my home causing mold in the process.
I called integrity restoration. They came to the rescue and saved the day! They worked hard everyday. Setting up a proper containment area. Getting rid of all mold infested materials in the home.
If you find yourself in need of a water and mold remediation company look no further. Get it done right the first time. Call Integrity restoration. You’ll be happy you did.”

Hire them!

Integrity was recommended to us by our plumber. We had a small leak in a kitchen wall that, unfortunately, turned out to be a big problem. The water caused our hardwood floors to buckle, damaged kitchen cabinetry and also damaged doors, a door frame and sheetrock in our basement. I searched Integrity’s ratings on the internet and was pleased with what I saw, so we hired them. Although we have not yet started the remodeling process, we have been extremely pleased with the mitigating portion of their services. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and they arrived on-time each and every time. Just a few years ago, we had fully renovated our kitchen so I was very nervous about the removal of our custom cabinetry and cabinets surrounding the Sub-Zero. Integrity was awesome in the “destruction” phase and managed to remove everything without a problem. They also promptly placed the necessary drying and dehumidification equipment on site. From the beginning with Jason and Kevin, through the “destruction” and drying that brought us Shannon, Cory, Jason and Mike, we could not be happier! Shannon has been with Integrity 14 years! He’s a gem to have on your project! Our home stayed very neat and clean throughout the process. They know their stuff and know how to make a miserable situation at least a little more tolerable! Hire them. You won’t regret it!

What a great an quick response!

I can’t say enough about the fantastic support and service of the entire Integrity team.! Kevin, James and Shannon all responded within 30 minutes of my distress call after noticing my water heater had broken during a business trip and deposited 4 inches of water in my basement. The entire team worked until 4 am and communicated clearly the entire process and timeline. The team has worked closely with me and my insurance team and the results of their hard work made the process a success.

James, Randy and Kevin

“I had some water damage from a tree that landed in my roof during recent storms. Kevin came out quickly and assessed the situation and got James and Randy out to my home the next day. They gave very detailed explanations of what was needed. They took plenty of pictures and documented what they needed to for my insurance company. I will definitely recommend them to everyone! Thank you!


James & Randy

I had a water leak in my home and Integrity Restoration & Remodeling was recommended to me. James & Randy came out to find the leak and explain what all needed completed to make sure the leak was fixed and everything dry. I highly recommend them! Both were very professional and answered all my questions. When I called needing advice, James either took my call or got back to me the same day. Even when I called after hours. As a female trying to get work done on the home or on a car, I always run into people who talk down to me or use cutie terms. I did not have any of that with these two. They were friendly and got the job done. Because of these two, I will definitely use Integrity Restoration in the future!

Mr P

“Every thing has been wonderful about this company. The two men were prompt in arriving on the job. Randy and James were extremely polite and explained in detail all of the work they were going to do. I would recommend Integrity without hesitation. Oh and Shannon was also prompt and detailed about job.


3 Options Realty

Shout out to James, Shannon and Randy they were a great team to work with when our office had water intrusion. Thank you guys for your quick response and professionalism!

Hard-Working Professionals

“My wife and I moved into our new-to-us house on 06/23/18, and on 06/24/18 I noticed water squishing through a section of flooring and dripping down from a window and wall. I called a plumber, who advised that the A/C condensation line was not connected to anything, and was just dropping water inside the wall. He rigged up a quick diverter pipe, said we’d need an A/C tech to fix the actual problem, and suggested Integrity Restoration to assess the damage.

Shannon Allred showed up a couple of days later with a moisture detector and gave us the bad news about the extent of the damage. He said he’d send someone to begin remediation.

That someone was Kevin Keeler, and he showed up that very same day. He took out the drywall, insulation, flooring, and a trio of black widow spiders that were living in the wall. He explained in detail everything he was going to do and reviewed every aspect of the bill, right down to the rentals of the machines.

He was clearly passionate about his work, and very into the science of it all, but never made me feel like I was bothering him with my many questions, or when I wanted to take photos of the mold in the walls.

I hope I never need their services again. But if faced with future water damage, Integrity Restoration would be the first and only company I would call.”

Reliable and Excellent

“I have worked with Integrity twice recently after water damage in our house. All of them did a fantastic job. In particular, Kevin Keeler, Jason Murphy and Mike helped tremendously. They were good communicators through the process. Kevin always made sure I understood what was going on. He stayed late several times to answer questions. I really appreciate all the efforts everyone put forth.

The crew was outstanding in every way and we are very pleased with the quality of their work. We highly recommend Integrity.”