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Customer Testimonials


Sometimes you need opinions from previous clients before you hire a company you are unfamiliar with. We are happy to provide some testimonials for you to use to make an educated decision. We serve commercial and residential clients throughout the Atlanta area and we would love for you to join our network.

Exceptional Service on time!

We had a company come out to mitigate our home. We called Integrity to come to give an estimate for repairs. Mike showed up and noticed things that should have been done initially, that were not done, which prompted us to use integrity for the remaining work. Kevin, Ryan, and Mike came out and completed the remaining work. They did an excellent job, and in a timely manner which was amazing to both of us. They worked together as a team in the cleaning process. Jason and Mike worked directly with our adjuster to resolve the issues. We were very pleased with this company service.

Right Company when you need the very best

We had major water damage in our house and it was a mess. This was about 3:00 am in the morning. We immediately called Integrity and they had a crew of about 5 people at my house within an hour. I was very impressed with how quickly they responded. James, Mike, Randy, Ryan, and Chris were very professional and well organized. Each person knew exactly what to do. Mike, James, and the crew moved furniture out of the way and, basically, they did everything. The water damage was extensive requiring the removal of the hardwood flooring in the family room and sunroom, the carpet padding in his and her closets in the master bedroom, and the floor tile and two vanity cabinets in the master bathroom. James and the crew did demo and thoroughly cleaned before placing drying equipment in the area. Mike and James explained to us exactly what they were going to do and explained the process involved. More importantly, they kept us constantly updated during the entire process. Integrity is such a great company with outstanding customer service. They also did and exceptional job of cleaning up. Being in the midst of a disaster such as this, Integrity brought us (more than anything) PEACE OF MIND. Integrity eliminated a lot of stress for us. James, Mike, and the crew are very knowledgeable and very trustworthy. They were timely and very efficient. They were awesome. The crew was outstanding in every way and we are very pleased with the quality of their work. We highly recommend Integrity.

Exceptional in your time of need!!

We had unfortunate flood in our home that has required extensive demolishing and mitigation service. I have been nothing but impressed with the service we received from Integrity. They provide superior service and have really appreciated Shannon and Chris for providing their service in a quick fashion and also listening to our needs and accommodating those needs which is important since the circumstances creates a lot of stress to the the family that is going through the loss at their home. Cheers Integrity, Shannon, and Chris.

Amazing professionals!

Had a major water leak Monday. Within two hours of calling Randy and James came to the rescue. Next day Mike Ryan Randy and his team did demo and thoroughly cleaned up prior to setting up additional drying equipment. They are expected to return today to check up. So grateful during this process.


Very professional and always on time. Kevin keeler and jason were knowledgable and trustworthy. I definitely recommend this company.

Exceptional Company

I have been very satisfied in my experience with Integrity Restoration. What started out as a possible leak in my kitchen, turned into a nightmare in my eyes. There were mold issues, asbestos was found, as well as, water damage to the cabinets, floor, walls and in the crawl space. My kitchen had to be gutted. Shannon came out to explain the process at the onset. His team was very professional and respectful during every aspect of the job. Kevin Keeler and Steven Taylor, who were here the majority of the time, were great. They were prompt and worked diligently. Kevin took time to explain the entire process to me, step by step, and patiently answered all of my questions. He even showed me the pictures that he had taken of the crawl space. I had to leave suddenly to go out of state , because my mother was hospitalized. I had complete confidence and trust in them, that they would continue to work in the same professional manner, while I was away. I would highly recommend Integrity Restoration to anyone who has any water damage or mold issues. They are an exceptional company.

Very, Very Satisfied Customers!!!!

Five days into 2018, Integrity Restoration rescued us from a nightmare. We incurred water damage that affected or bathroom, family room and laundry room, as well as the foundation, in which, some of the flooring and baseboards in the family room had to be removed because of mold. LAWDY MERCY! Mike R. and his team of professionals did an AWESOME job cleaning up. Now, we have a trusted name “Integrity Restoration” that we can count on. We were explained in layman terms what was going on. We would recommend Integrity Restoration to our family and friends.

Excellent Service!!

Integrity Restoration recently helped us with a water leak situation in our basement. They were extremely responsive and helpful in removing the water, damaged carpet, pad and baseboards. Jason, Kevin and their entire team were true professionals and took outstanding care of us every step of the way! We would highly recommend using Integrity Restoration for any water damage or flooding issues.


“Integrity Restoration’s mitigation team has recently completed their work on a sewage leak in my basement and laundry room. I had used other mitigation companies previously, but none of them can compare to Integrity. I had dealt with several people in the company, and I found everyone to be polite, punctual and professional.
Angela was very patient when I had to keep rescheduling appointments because my plumbing work wasn’t completed. Shannon did a great job in assessing the problem and in estimating the work that needed to be completed.
Courtney and Randy did the demolition and the clean up. When they finished, they explained everything they had done and did an amazing job with leaving the area completely clean. I have never had anyone clean up after a job like they did.
When Mike came to check on the progress, he found another area that also needed attention. The team came right back and took care of the problem. When speaking to Jason and Mike about the lab results for the presence of mold, they said the house had passed; but it was not up to the company’s standards. I feel that these were issues that they could have easily ignored, and I wouldn’t have known the difference. This,to me, shows that they stand by their company’s name.
Kevin and Melvin came to do the second cleaning, and like everyone else, they did an outstanding job.”

Stand by their name

I was referred to this company by a good friend of mine and this company truly stands by their name they do very good work and I believe they have complete Integrity in everything that they do I am very pleased with the customer service promptness and workmanship that was done by this company they went above and beyond and helped me turn a small mishap into a huge blessing. Thank you to Jason Shannon Angela and Kevin and all of the other associates involved