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Customer Testimonials


Sometimes you need opinions from previous clients before you hire a company you are unfamiliar with. We are happy to provide some testimonials for you to use to make an educated decision. We serve commercial and residential clients throughout the Atlanta area and we would love for you to join our network.


During my lifetime I’ve had 7 different water issues; this one was the 8th (I’m 70 years old). I sure wish I had previously known about Integrity Restoration. I’ve never dealt with a company so professional, prompt and considerate. Kevin & Courtney were amazing. The call to them was at about 9:00p.m. and they were out to the condo in approximately 90 minutes. I absolutely ruined their evening plans yet they were considerate, helpful and even cheerful about beginning the restoration job immediately. Unlike other companies I’ve hired, they actually took samples and video to show the insurance company. When these things happen, you don’t have time to wait for an insurance adjuster to show up before cleaning up the water and removing wet dry wall, etc. I cannot say enough good things about this company and Kevin & Courtney. I’ll put in another review once the renovations take place.

Hire These Guys!

“Jason and his team were AWESOME! Every group that worked with us went above and beyond with our mold remediation from a recent storm.
They are courteous, take care of your belongings, and most of all, we got a superior air quality test!
In a world where people may or may not do what they say, Jason and his team went above and beyond. Hire these guys!

Happy In D’ville. :-)”

Above and Beyond

On Sunday, our water heater in the basement decided to spring a leak and there was water everywhere. Kevin from Integrity was at our house in about 2 hours. I was impressed to have such a quick response on a Sunday evening. They took care of everything and were very professional and courteous. I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Three days later they were at the house checking on the progress of the dry out, when they realized I had a new leak from my sump pump. They were running the water from the dehumidifier through the sump pump, which made me assume that is why it went out. They assured me it wasn’t, but replaced it free of charge anyways. Then there was a problem with my furnace, which I assumed to have some connection with the sump pump going out. Kevin didn’t think that was the case, but came over and tried for over an hour to try to help me figure out what was wrong. He went above and beyond trying to help me! He even offered to pay for my service call, if they determined that the issue was due to something Integrity Restoration had done. After having the A/C guys out the next day, I found out it was a warranty part that went bad and had nothing to do with the work they had been doing in the basement. Needless to say, I was even more impressed when I realized all that Kevin did and offered to do, when he didn’t have to, just to help me out. I will be referring them to everyone I know! I couldn’t be more impressed, which says a lot coming from this skeptic!

To the Rescue

The night before hurricaine Irma was to hit our area I was busy with last minute preparations. Extra batteries,bottled water,canned food and my final preparation was to fill a bath tub with water to use for flushing toilet,water for the pets,etc. The bath water overflowed covering bathroom floor into bedroom and thru wall onto kitchen floor before my husband discovered I had forgotten that I had started filling the tub. We were distraught. Called our insurance company who called Integrity Restoration of Georgia. Kevin Keeler and Courtney Williams showed up as scheduled and worked the entire day into the evening during the first day of Irma’s rain and wind. Kevin was reassuring as he explained that they would take care of our home and that it could be restored. Courtney was organized and efficient as he removed soaked material. The fans and dehumidifiers were set up . My questions were answered and the confidence and skills evidenced were reassuring after this event in the presence of Irma. Thank you and I would recommend this company to others. In fact,due to the great job from their mitigation division, I requested that Integrity Restoration remodeling division handle the restoration of floors,cabinets,walls. This will begin this coming week.

Atlanta Homeowner

I normally have no reason to write reviews for service providers, but this time I am certainly compelled to do so. I was referred to Integrity Restoration by Scott, an ARS technician, who was dispatched via my home warranty company. He located the issue within ten minutes and provided me the referral. I called Integrity and reached Jason, who is extremely knowledgeable about this business and home insurance. Jason has the patience of Job! He dispatched contractors, Kevin Keeler and Courtney, who arrived within just a few days. I immediately noticed his hospitality, skill, and neatness. He explained every detail of every process that would occur to repair my home. When necessary, I felt absolutely comfortable to leave the home and return while they worked. Donald, later joined Kevin and they have done a very neat and swift job. My experience with Integrity was one of the best that I’ve ever had with a contractor. I honestly am just realizing how well the service fits the name! Because of challenges with my pipes, I panicked several times, but Kevin continued to go the extra mile and reassured me that everything would be fine. He was right! What I thought would take months, took a few weeks. Kevin gave tips and advice without hesitance and I truly appreciate him. I recommend Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors to anyone who has water damage or mold issues.

Outstanding Service

I can honestly say that my experience with Integrity was one of the best that I’ve ever had with any contractor of any kind. The company was thoroughly professional in every aspect of the job. In particular, my contractor, Kevin Keeler, was the best. He thoroughly educated me on the process, including the insurance process, and took me step-by-step through everything he was going to do. He did everything he said he was going to do, and he even went the extra mile and gave me some helpful advice on another issue I was having in the house. Integrity lived up to their name, being completely up front with me about everything, and I had confidence they would get the job done. I will recommend Integrity to anyone who has water damage or mold issues. They are the best.

Courteous, on time with great follow up

My dining room and basement had water damage that had gone unnoticed for some time due to an internal wall leak. This resulted in a moldy mess. The Integrity Mitigation Department came out as soon as I called and from that point forward they were there when they said they would be, they were courteous and they were quick. At no point did I wonder what was going on because they kept me educated with each step of the process. I found their company through a general internet search and I trusted the positive reviews other customers had provided. I am very pleased with Integrity Restoration and will use their company again if I need them in the future.

I’d use them again :-)

Integrity showed up on time, did what they said they would do, in the time they said they would do it, and at the price that they quoted. In addition, they were always professional, courteous, etc. I had a flooded basement due to rainwater and worked with a few different crews over the course of the cleanup. Kevin and Courtney were amazing, and if it had been just them the whole time, this would be a 5 star review. They were so on top of what needed to be done and clearly had expertise in doing it that I didn’t have to worry about anything. With some of the other crews, I had to check up on things and remind them (hey, isn’t this supposed to be removed?; did you figure out when someone is coming back to do this part?; etc…). But it was relatively minor stuff and I feel like having to keep an eye out and follow up a little is pretty standard for this type of work, and was also balanced out by the great responsiveness, timeliness, etc that you often DON’T get. So, as I said in the headline, I’d definitely use them again (though hopefully I won’t have to).


Kudos to the Mitigation Department of Integrity Restoration. My basement was flooded due to a faulty hot water heater. The plumbing company recommended I contact Integrity. First contact, Angela, was friendly, and reassuring about taking care of my situation promptly. Shannon Allred one of the company’s technicians called me within the hour. Shannon has a gift– a calm, stress-relieving affect. This was ever present throughout the entire mitigation process. He was also precise, detailed and candid regarding possible damages and a plan. Shannon, Randy Allred, and Mike Rogers were always on time and kept in touch daily. They worked steady, always going above what was expected, periodically checking with me due to my partial mobility which prevented me from getting to the basement. Their attention to detail was spot on regarding the importance of cleaning and drying everything completely. They approached the entire process with the same care as if they had been working in their own homes and worked well into the early evening until all air-movers and dehumidifiers were in place. I’ve been a home owner for many years and unfortunately have had use for mitigation several times. Integrity is by far the best company I’ve ever employed. Shannon, Mike and Randy are efficient, punctual, proficient, courteous, respectful, honest, friendly, personable, genuinely kind and caring, and professional. Integrity lives up to its name and will receive my highest recommendations. espilliards

Great Company and Service

We had a fairly minor refrigerator leak but water did wet a small amount of carpet and got into about 25 sq ft of hardwood floor. The floor looked fine but I knew that you don’t want to mess around with water damage. So using Kudzu I called Integrity Restoration. Shannon Allred came out the same day. He verified with the moisture meter that we did have some wet floors and confirmed the small area. Of course I had all kinds of questions. When and if to get insurance involved? Can the floors be saved since they looked good? After doing some research about water insurance claims I decided to save a claim for something bigger. Shannon was very informative and gave me the pros and cons as I made the decision. They removed about 30 sq ft of dry wall ceiling in the garage and then use a sophisticated drying system for the hardwood floors. They used targeted dehumidifiers from below in the garage and above with plastic tenting on the floor. They removed some carpet padding and the subfloor dried very quickly in the bedroom. The good news is that after a few days of using the drying machines the hardwood floors dried out nicely. They gave me one quote for the mitigation and stuck to it even if more needed to be done. Very impressed with Shannon and the company. Have peace of mind that we did the right thing.